“Right now I feel much lighter deep in my heart, free of sadness, free of pain and anger.

I feel free like air, free of excuses, free of stories and blockages. I feel the present moment full of love, possibilities, and growth.

Come what may. Bring it on. Let it heal. Let it go.”

This is a reflection of what one of my beautiful clients in my 6 month online mastermind shared with us the other day.

We aren’t working on big visions or goals. We aren’t working through past stories to change things. We aren’t re-wiring beliefs. There are no list of actions or ‘work’ being done.

They are simply a group of humans who have created the deepest connection to each other despite having never met, having a facilitated conversation with me about who they really are, and seeing with fresh eyes where their experience of life is actually coming from.

They are seeing such profound realisations about themselves and others that their experience of life is changing.

To me that is everything. It’s why I do what I do. To fall back in love with life and learn to navigate gracefully all it’s twists and turns that are thrown at us – because when you do, that’s when magic happens not just for you, but for all those other people’s lives that you touch around you.


For all of us in the group, we have full lives. 

All of us either have our own businesses or highly successfully established for years in employment. There are the demands of kids, husbands, divorces, parents who need support, house moves. We’ve all dealt with tragedy or trauma with some shape or form. There is years of conditioning entrenched between us all.

And yet. New ways of being and showing up for others is naturally happening. The old stuff that is no longer serving is falling away. What seemed so stressful is being seen with new eyes. Natural confidence is emerging. Love for self first after years of putting others first is at the forefront. Relationships are deepening, and those that are toxic are falling away. A promotion, a new business, new clients are showing up which were not even thought about when we started together.

Our time together as a group ends in August, although I have a sneaky feeling the connection will be lifelong for most.

This was my first group with this particular offering, in an attempt to make intimate Mastermind work more accessible in terms of time and financial investment than Xponential, my year long mastermind which includes retreats etc.

I didn’t know for sure how effective it would be, and now am in no doubt. I’m all in for the next group.

If you’d like to find out more and have a conversation about this, please send me a message at jennie@jenniehk.com

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