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About Jennie & Babs Harland-Khan


Jennie is fascinated by the human experience and passionate about personal transformation and elevating consciousness in the simplest way possible.

Over the last 14 years she has immersed herself in her own personal growth adventure, that has seen her go from having limited vision and no idea of what to do next, to building an internationally respected global transformational boutique coaching practice for leaders, whilst teaching other coaches how to step into their confidence to work with high performing leaders.

Although these days Jennie coaches purely on instinct, her early days saw her certify as a Bob Proctor Life Success Consultant™, Divine Living Coach™, and a Clarity Coach™.  Her depth of grounding offers a unique ability to bridge the world of pragmatic action and leadership, and spiritual evolution. 

She is an expert in seeing what lies within people, creating and holding the space for people’s greatness, even when they can’t yet see it.

Importantly, her clients come back to a space of inner peace, well-being and clarity.


Jennie combines coaching and adventure experiences expertly using environments to help shift perspectives and energy.

She is someone who learns through the embodiment of the wisdom she shares as she navigates her own life. From grief, a cancer diagnosis, near bankruptcy and her daughter’s teenage mental health journey, she has had the opportunity to continually choose the path to mastery when times are tough.  

Jennie was a Co-Founder of Vortex, a transformational retreat leadership programme that spanned Morocco, Thailand, Costa Rica and Mexico. She initiated the Mindvalley University children’s programme for the inaugural month in Barcelona.  


Her quest for giving her children the most experiential education, aligned to who they are, led her to initiating the family move to the French Alps for three years, and for the last six years in Bali at the Green School, a progressive curriculum in the jungle.

“I’ve learnt through experience that we truly all have the ability to create the most extraordinarily fulfilled reality. I use my superpowers to initiate global change whilst remaining true to my core values of freedom and family.”

To hear more from Jennie, tune into her podcast, Masterpiece where she shares her own personal experiences and those of her guests in the quest to remembering we are each a masterpiece and have the opportunity to create a masterpiece of a life.

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Babs is a passionate adventurer. He’s driven by physical and mental challenges that push him way beyond his comfort zone. Amongst his adventures over the past 10 years he swam the largest open water race in Australia, twice (when 12 months before he could swim no more that 100 meters without puking); he’s climbed several 4000+ meter mountains in France, Norway, Africa and Pakistan; he’s embarked on ski mountaineering tours in the wilderness of the French, Italian and Swiss Alps, as well as north of the arctic circle in Norway; and he’s rowed across the English Channel. Babs recently returned from a 3-crew overland trip to one of the most remote and inhospitable places, in Australia. 


Babs also brings his adventurous spirit to his work. 12 years ago he found a scrub of land on a plateau in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and had a vision to create one of the most desirable boutique destinations in the world. With no local knowledge, no contacts, no power, no idea if there was water, just enough money to buy the land and build half a house, Babs set out on his journey. He completed the project 2 years ago. This was both a breaking and making experience, which taught him more about life and people than anything he’d previously undertaken.


Babs now raises capital for businesses that have profoundly positive impact missions.


“It’s easy to ride on successes and triumphs, what I’ve learnt is that the struggles I have faced and where things simply didn’t work as I had intended, have been where the real juice of life was found.”

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