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XPO: The ReDO Retreat

Fast Forward 6 Years.


The Widsom Keepers

It's been six years since we last gathered.


A pandemic lived through

Doors have closed, doors have opened

Fortunes made and lost and made again

Children birthed, children moved on

Businesses sold, pivoted, and reborn

Relationships navigated

Health tested, bodies honed

Simply put, Life has happened.

Collectively we are all holders of new wisdom.



A luxury, immersive, all-inclusive experience.

Play. Depth. Space,


To yourself. To each other.

You know the deal.

You arrive, we take you on a magical journey.

Both internally and externally.

Your mind, body and soul will be activated.

The focus will be you.

And each other.

To stretch, challenge and love.

Adventure together. Again.

The Outcome

Ignite perspective and fresh insights. 

Inspiring self and each other.

Nurturing inner peace.

Connection to your wisdom.

Embedding in a new frequency.

Fun and laughter.

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The Hot Seat 

XPO wouldn't be XPO without putting you on hotseat.

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To self & each other.

We get to fast track this. Which leaves more time to strip the mask straight off.  Oh and of course a whole lot of laughter.

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Within & out.

Bali offers a whole  playground of experiences - close to 7 years here, we know the inside scoop to activate your mind, body and soul.

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Collective Wisdom Sharing

Bring your visions and challenges with you. 

Use the wisdom

in the room. 


The Xpo ReDo Jungle Oasis
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As you know environment is very important to us.

Deep in nature, exquisite interiors, space, light, clean air, blissful sleeps, incredible food. For this 5 night / 4-day reunion, we have found the perfect place to reconnect. 

Spacious double bedrooms, dramatic nature yet a cocooned nurturing vibe.

It will be our home together where precious memories are made.

Investment & Next Steps

Bali. Where magic happens.

Sept / Early Oct TBC

Accommodation, meals and experiences included.

Flight, transfers, not included.


£4,500 (GBP).

Next Steps

WhatsApp JHK a Yes!

Payment in full to secure retreat space.

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