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A small group of dynamic leaders on a 4-day 4-night 'circuit-break' in the jungle of Bali



The world is shifting on it's axis.

The current human operating systems are fast becoming outdated.

It's time to defrag and upgrade.

Leave stress and responsibilities at the door.

Enter space, reflection & connection.



A luxury, immersive, all-inclusive experience.

Play. Depth. Space,

All curated with a precise purpose...

Your wellbeing.

There is nothing you need to think about.

We do that for you.

You arrive, we take you on a magical journey.

Both internally and externally.

Your mind, body and soul will be activated.

And you will leave with deep connections.

The focus will be YOU. 

The story you arrive with.

You get to let go of what is no longer serving you

And create space for fresh insight.

Tap into your innate wisdom.

When you walk out the door you will be fully recharged.

The element of surprise is essential in this work.

Life is not predictable. Especially now.

So we ask you to....

Lean in. Trust. Surrender.

These are the keys to navigating and thriving in this new world.

The Outcome

Fresh perspective.

Inner Calm. 


Renewed creativity of thought.

Connection to your inner wisdom.


White Gray Simple Geometric Professional

Personal Coaching 

Individual and group coaching, combined with a range of playful and contemplative experiences.

Each designed to challenge your thinking, expand your consciousness and  positively shift your reality.

White Gray Simple Geometric Professional


Optimisation of each participant is accelerated by the dynamic of an intimate group.

Shared wisdom, deep connection and effortless play.

White Gray Simple Geometric Professional

Space for self

How often do you have genuine 'me time'?

Here you will have space and time for yourself, powerful catalysts for clarity and growth, coupled with mind and body activations.

White Gray Simple Geometric Professional

Pre & Post Mentorship

Pre 1:1 mentorship session and two post group online sessions.

This will prepare you for and help you fully integrate your experience.


The Reboot Jungle Oasis
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What’s very important to us is the environment in which we operate. We apply this to everywhere we’ve ever lived and every experience we’ve sought.

Deep in nature, exquisite interiors, space, light, clean air, blissful sleeps, incredible food. For this 4-day circuit break, we have found the perfect place and setting for you to leave everything behind for your reset. 

Sole-Occupancy in spacious double bedrooms, dramatic nature yet a cocooned nurturing vibe.

It will be our home together where precious memories are made.

Justin Kim


Business Development Director 

Justin Kim
00:00 / 01:01
"I feel like I have been optimised, it's like my brain has been wiped with a windscreen wiper and I suddenly have clarity. My perceptual reality has changed. Things are just clicking into place now. You are a supercharger Jennie."

Sabinije Von Gaffke


TV Host, Journalist, Moderator

Sabinjie Von Gaffke
00:00 / 01:15
"This gave me the possibility to explore myself in an authentic way.  I could finally surrender, let go and find my inner core.  This was the best investment in my myself for my life and my business that I've ever made."

John Davy


Serial Entrepreneur, Investor

John Davy
00:00 / 00:44
"This really is the next step. I've already done a lot of personal development and have the technical skills, but what I didn't have is how these skills interact with my personal motivation.  Jennie is the best coach I have ever worked with, and I've worked with a few."

Joyce Chien


Executive Board Member Shinih Enterprises

Joyce Chien
00:00 / 00:34

"1 was the CEO of the multinational family business, and it became a story of duty, taking 99% of my energy, prioritising it over my husband and well-being.  Working with Jennie completely shifted my attention and I could finally identify my own values and live into them.  This is hands down one of the most important investments you can make in your life." 

Ian Rowledge


CEO LineView Solutions.

Author | Meditation Coach, Practically Awake

Ian Rowledge
00:00 / 01:16
“So much has changed. I'm turning up much more authentically and having awarenesses I have never had before. I'm connecting with people on another level. This has literally changed my world.”

Laura Brooks


Attorney, Artist, Entrepreneur

Laura Brooks
00:00 / 01:17
“I'm so glad I chose to be part of this experience.working with Jennie allowed me to realise where I was holding on to limiting beliefs, fear and Jennie inspired me to explore the power of play. And fun. Through that I auditioned for a TV show, I got my art into a gallery. Things I thought were impossible or way to lofty of goals.”

Investment & Next Steps

Bali. Where magic happens.

Maximum 8 places offered.

Thursday February 22nd - Monday 26th February 2024.


Sole Occupancy Double Rooms 

(Unless you prefer to come as a couple)

Accommodation, meals and experiences included.

Flight, transfers, not included.


$6,000 (US).

Couple rate available.

Next Steps

Limited spaces, assured personal attention,  

and the dynamics of a carefully curated group, 

requires this to be application only.

Click the link below to email

to arrange an 

exploration call.



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